Friends of Animal Care Services Mission:

  • to promote and increase spaying and neutering of dogs and cats
  • to increase adoptions by establishing adoption centers
  • develop, promote and advertise public education programs aimed at teaching responsible pet care
  • eliminating cruelty to animals, especially recognizing “The Link” between animal cruelty, child abuse, and family violence, thus

helping the City of San Antonio become a “No-Kill” Community.

Friends of Animal Care Services Receive Grant
Friends of Animal Care Services has received a grant for $25,000 for “San Antonio’s Big Fix”. Funding was provided by an anonymous donor of the San Antonio Area Foundation and granted to Friends of ACS along with other non-profits for spay/neuter related purposes. For more information about the San Antonio Area Foundation, visit This grant will be used to “fix” 500 cats and dogs. With the possibility of each cat reproducing 12 kittens per year, this could be preventing 6,000 births.

The Guardian Angel Program
This Program gives dogs a great chance to be adopted with the most highly adoptable dogs being placed into the Program. The difference between this and other foster programs is that the dog does not return to the shelter. Our Angel volunteer works with the dog to make it into a desired pooch, then takes the pet to an offsite adoption event. Our Angel may stay with the dog or leave the dog with ACS staff for the day. If not adopted, the key part is that our Angel takes the pet home planning to attend another adoption event. We expect to take about 2 weeks to place the dog. Our Angel knows this means the dog has a near 100% chance to find that forever home. Guardian Angel Volunteers help save the lives of stray San Antonio dogs. If you would like to be a Guardian Angel, please call 207-6669.

City Ordinances
The Chapter 5 Ordinance DOES NOT include mandatory sterilization for all pets. Instead, sterilization will be required for animals that have been declared dangerous, pets that have been impounded more than once and cats that are housed exclusively outdoors. Residents who own dogs they wish to keep intact can purchase a permit to do so. Many of the proposed requirements allow for exceptions based on special circumstances. Examples include excess animal permits, intact animal permits and medical exceptions for animals unable to be sterilized.

Animal Limits:
A maximum number of eight (8) cats and dog are allowed at a residence. Of the maximum of eight (8), there can be only five (5) dogs. The total number of domestic fowl and livestock allowed at a residence is five (5) which may include: up to three (3) domestic fowl; and up to two (2) animals from the following classes of livestock-equines, bovines, sheep, goats and llamas.

From left:
Mona Thaxton, Board Member, Friends of Animal
Care Services; Sallie Scott, President, Friends of Animal Care Services holding Janie;
Gary Hendel, Director, San Antonio Animal Care Services holding Maggie;
Laura Cantu, Management Analyst at ACS.
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